Massive Rally In the Capital in Support of President Vladik!

17 December 2005 § Leave a comment

A massive spontaneous rally in support of our Dear Leader President Vladik in Vladik Sqaure earlier today.

Revodna, 12:30pm — A massive spontaneous rally of the people marched through Vladik Square today to congratulate our Dear Leader for his winning of the Marx-Lenin-Vladik Literary Prize, and his earlier decision to call for free, fair, open and transparent elections on December 31st.Participants were unable to accurately count the number of marchers, but estimates run into the tens. As they marched passed the Presidential Palace, they chanted popular slogans, including: “Our Dear Leader! Continue to Lead Us on the Correct Path to True Socialism While Making Such Decisions as You and Your Comrades Think Are Necessary for the Preservation of Peaceful Cooperation Within Society and With Our Allies in the Outside World and Help Us to Make the Sacrifices Necessary to Achieve our Great Goal As Fast as is Humanly Possible!”*

Rally organizer General Günter Tivoli of the State Security Service praised all the citizens of Koskovia who appeared in the capital to salute our Dear Leader in this very exciting time for the Republic. “These citizens have done their duty to the state and to our Dear Leader,” he told the journalist that covered the event. “They rightly chose to spontaneously follow my order to march in favor of our President and our Party.”

President Vladik appeared on the balcony of the Presidential Palace, flanked by his comrades on the Central Committee, and acknowledged the praise of the huge crowd with smiles and waves.All 300 seats in the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies will be up for election on December 31st. So far, every member of the Congress has declared his or her intention to stand for re-election in fulfillment of their patriotic duty to the Fatherland.

[*Editor’s Note: This slogan is adapted from actual slogans chanted during the celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples’ Republic of China in 1999.]


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