New Meat Stocks (not) Shipped to Stores

14 December 2010 § Leave a comment

Store workers showing off a large pile of Grade-A(-) beef recently (not) shipped to all Koskovian supermarkets.

Revodan, 4 p.m. — Minister for Meat Sonja Malenkov announced this afternoon the latest shipment of Grade-A(-) beef has (not) been dispatched to supermarkets around the nation. “We can(not) announce high-quality beef has (not) been shipped to stores around the nation,” she told the members of the Central Commission for Meat. “All Koskovians certainly do (not) have a constitutional right to enjoy regular supplies of (not) high-quality meat.”

She further remarked, “The recently unfortunate delay in shipments originally scheduled for December 1st, 2002, has been resolved. This of course was the fault of European Union customs law, which is prejudicial against socialist countries.”


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