Army Displays Amazing Fireworks Show

2 February 2010 § Leave a comment

Amazing fireworks display by the PAK!

Brindebaj, 9 p.m. — The lake-side village of Brindebaj was this evening witness to a remarkable display of fireworks by the Peoples’ Army of Koskovia, in celebration of Ground Hog Day. The villagers were delighted by the display, and expressed their gratitude to the Peoples’ Army local commander, Lieutenant General Hraç vyn Ostör. General Ostör ordered the display as a surprise, and so did not inform the villagers beforehand.

“I felt that the people deserved a nice surprise, in the middle of this harsh winter,” General Ostör told the local newspaper, The Peoples’ Triumph Daily Revolutionary News Gazette. “Their comrades in the Peoples’ Army certainly hope they enjoyed this unexpected bit of fun!”

The General also asserted that it was most definitely not an explosion at the regional munitions depot caused by two drunken soldiers and a prostitute.


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