New Documentary Film Released

27 October 2009 § Leave a comment

President and Chairman Vladik outside the tomb of King Marko.

Revodna, 1 p.m. — “Glorifying the Long History of the Nation”, part 21 of documentary film “The Great History”, was produced by the Koskovian Central Documentary and Science Film Studio.

The film impressively tells through historical sites and relics about the immortal exploits President
Mladik Vladik performed by carrying forward and developing the long history and brilliant culture of the Koskovian nation and adding shine to them in the whole period of leading the revolution and construction.

The film contains historic scenes showing the President visiting scenic spots such as Vladik Hill and Mt. Socialist Achievement together with Anti-Capitalist Heroine Hrda Martok and General Secretary Vladik right after the liberation of the country to give instructions on carrying out the work to preserve and manage well historic sites and relics that bear witness to the wisdom and skills of the Koskovian nation and provide meticulous guidance to it.

The film deals with vivid facts that the President made sure that many issues arising at different historical phases including the clarification of the origin of Koskovians, the culture in the areas along the River Vardic, the appearance of Ancient Koskovia, the first slave state, and the year in which Revodna was set up were properly settled and led the work to scientifically explain the history of the Koskovian nation, once distorted and written off.

The film tells the touching story that after seeing to it that the ancestral father of the nation was found out, the President exerted efforts to ensure that King Georg’s Mausoleum, King Yusef’s Mausoleum and King Marko’s Mausoleum were rebuilt as national treasures to be handed down to posterity and showed profound loving care for historians.

(note: adapted from the (North) Korean Central News Agency, always good for a laugh!


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