New Currency Issued

13 February 2009 § Leave a comment

Palace of the Peoples’ Bank of the PFDRK, 4 p.m. — Standing in front of a large image of the redesigned 5 lik banknotes, Minister of Finance and Sport Gustav Hruska today announced the immediate availability of newly printed Lik notes.

New Lik Notes
The redesigned 5 lik notes, now being delivered to banks across the nation.

“Due to fasco-capitalist sabotage, our order for newly printed notes placed in October was delayed. Only after President and Chairman Vladik threatened harsh retaliation against the European Banknote and Stamp Printing Corporation were the new notes delivered,” the minister explained. “The new notes are being delivered to all of the local branches of the Peoples’ Bank — which were closed last October for cleaning and will re-open this afternoon —, and will be available for withdrawal by 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.”

“Therefore,” he continued, “bartering is once again illegal and we return to a cash-based economy.”

When asked by the reporter from StateTV and RadioKOS about the design process, the Minister replied: “We naturally chose a portrait of the President and Chairman to adorn the notes; and we chose the bright red lettering to remind our citizens of the Revolution. It is NOT TRUE that these are actually notes from the Republic of Moldova. Any suggestion along those lines is counter-revolutionary nonsense.”


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