Unusual Political Difficulties Face Congress

7 May 2008 § Leave a comment

Great Hall of the Revolutionary and Forward-Thinking People of the Peoples’ Free Democratic Republic of Koskovia, 4 p.m. — The members of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies have returned to work today, but face a difficult challenge.

As Acting President/Chairman/Speaker Tetrikov gaveled the Congress into session, there arose immediate challenges to her refusal to step aside from her positions as Acting President and Acting Chairman of the Executive Council and allow President Vladik and Deputy President Kulik to resume their duties.

Both men are doing well but are still recovering from the recent terrorist attack against the Presidential Palace Cottage at Lake Koskovia. Physicians are divided on their exact status: the personal physicians to Vladik and Kulik insist they are fit to return to office, while the Director-General of the Koskovian Revolutionary State Hospital (recently appointed by Tetrikov) suggested that both men required four to six more weeks of physical therapy.

One member of the Congress, Boris Yulianov, took to the well of the Congress and demanded that she step down from those positions and allow President Vladik and Deputy President Kulik to return to office. “On behalf of the people of Koskovia, I insist that the Speaker recognize reality and lay down her acting positions at once! For the good of the nation, please Madam Speaker, STEP ASIDE!

While a few members booed, most applauded Yulianov’s stand.

Tetrikov replied: “I will not step down until the doctors have given a clean bill of health to both the President and Deputy President. I doubt this will happen before June 3rd at the absolute earliest. However, I may remain until the Party Congress this August.”


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