Some Leading Deputies Ask Tetrikov To Step Aside

28 March 2008 § 2 Comments


Revodna, 3 p.m. — Certain leading members of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies have called upon Acting President/Chairman/Deputy President Yvonne Tetrikov to step down in favor of the almost-recovered Deputy President Kulik and “return to our normal constitutional system.”

Acting President/Chairman Tetrikov, however, has refused. “A significant number of Deputies have privately asked me to stay on as long as is necessary, until both President Vladik and Deputy President Kulik are fully recovered.”

The Congress held five votes today, but were unable to resolve the issue after furious negotiations behind the scenes. [One vote, in which 297 deputies voted in favor of Tetrikov stepping down, was invalidated by the Acting President/Speaker herself on a technicality and is thus not included in the total valid votes taken.]

The first vote had 100 deputies in favor of Tetrikov stepping aside, 100 against, and 98 abstentions.

The second vote: 140 in favor; 140 against; 18 abstentions.

The third vote: 145 in favor; 145 against; 8 abstentions.

The fourth vote: 147 in favor; 143 against; 8 abstentions (thus no majority achieved)

The fifth vote: 149 in favor; 141 against; 8 abstentions (thus no majority achieved)

Although those in favor of the Acting President stepping aside won a plurality of votes thrice, Tetrikov announced that she would not step aside unless a majority of all of the Deputies voted in favor of such a move.

“The people do not want me to step aside,” she proclaimed from the Speakers’ Chair during the lull between the fourth and fifth votes, “and I shall not until the time is right.” When asked when the time will be right, she replied: “When I decide it is. I am the Acting President, and my 35 years of government service tell me to stay where I am for now.”

Frustrated pro-stepping aside deputies have called upon the so-called “Super Deputies” to help decide the issue. Super Deputies are former members of the Congress; provincial governors; former cabinet ministers; and members of the Completely Independent and Totally Legitimate Supreme Constitutional Court. It is unclear when and if these Super Deputies will weigh in, although some have privately expressed the opinion that Tetrikov should go.

Vasili Yakovlev, the Minister of Industry from 3:00 p.m. until 3:17 p.m. on December 12, 2007 — and a close ally of Deputy President Kulik — demanded that Acting President Tetrikov obey the will of the plurality of the Congress, in their capacity as representatives of the whole Koskovian people.

Tetrikov refused, but was unable to give a convincing answer as to the legitimacy of her case.

Even the cabinet is deadlocked: her close ally Georg Ulianov, Minister of ForInDef (that is, he is Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, and Defense Minister) cast his 3 votes in support of her decision. The other 3 cabinet ministers voted in favor of her stepping aside.

It is now unclear if those cabinet ministers will remain in office.

The former Minister of Trade Ruslan Rakov commented that Tetrikov “must recognize reality. She doesn’t have the numbers in her favor to win.

This story is ongoing. Stay tuned for updates.


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