Workers Endorse Acting President

23 March 2008 § Leave a comment


The Chairmen of Koskovia’s six five major labor unions met this afternoon and after a brief meeting passed a resolution endorsing the recent actions taken by Acting President Tetrikov in preserving the security of the PFDRK.
photo © KosPhoto 2008

Hall of Workers’ Triumphs in Forwarding the Revolution, Revodna, Noon — Leaders of Koskovia’s six five major trade unions today passed a resolution praising the efforts of Acting President Tetrikov in maintaining the security of the state during the convalescence of President and Chairman Vladik and Deputy President and Deputy President Kulik.

The resolution read:

We the representatives of the Revolutionary Workers of the Peoples’ Free Democratic Republic of Koskovia hereby endorse the actions of Acting President Tetrikov since taking office six weeks ago. Comrade Tetrikov has shown a true commitment to the Revolution and to the working class of Koskovia in securing our future. We praise her for her recent appointments to government positions and pursuing policies necessary for the defense of the Revolution.

We further hope for the speedy recovery of President Vladik. Oh, and Deputy President Kulik.

The union leaders pictured above are (from left to right, starting at bottom row):
– Georgi Spaztikov, Chairman of the All-Koskovian Writers, Columnists, Journalists and Steel Workers Revolutionary Trade Union
– Sergei Nabokov, First President of the Revolutionary Trade Union (Red Banner) of Philosophers, Pet Groomers and Plastic Workers
– Nikoli Rashkulnikov, Guild Master of Communist Artisans and Revolutionary Atomic Energy Plant Workers (First Class)

– Sasha Slinki, Chief Revolutionary Sergeant Major of the All-Koskovian Federation of Enlisted Members of the Armed Services and Bakery Workers.
– Mikhail Gorbinki, Head of the Socialist and Revolutionary Film Writers, Directors and Actors (Political, Social, Family and Adult Sections) Trade and Labor Union Federation Congress.

Not pictured: Boris Spitzkov, First Chairman of the Revolutionary Lawyers and Academicians Guild.

UPDATE: Boris Spitzkov did not attend the meeting due to a prior bullet hole in the head.

UPDATE: The Revolutionary Lawyers and Academicians Guild has been dissolved and merged with the Armed Forces and Bakery Workers Federation.


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