Citizens Celebrate Martial Law

23 February 2008 § Leave a comment

martial law
Loyal and patriotic citizens of Koskovia celebrate the imposition of Martial Law by Acting President/Deputy President/Chairman Tetrikov!

Revodna, 3 p.m. — A massive demonstration of patriotic citizens flowed through the streets of Revodna this afternoon, in support of Acting President/Deputy President/Chairman Yvonne Tetrikov and her recent declaration of martial law!

Such citizens — the cornerstones of any successful Revolutionary and Communist society — believe that the Constitutionally-designated acting head of government has taken the true and appropriate steps for the liberty and security of all the people of Koskovia. Her swift actions are demonstrations of her dependable genius.

Clearly, her selection as Speaker of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies by President and Chairman Vladik last summer reveals his own monumental genius.

Meanwhile, the frantic search for both President Vladik and Deputy President Kulik goes on near the rubble of the president’s lake side home, hit by a terrorist attack last week.

It is beleived that they are trapped — but definitely alive! — in the bunker beneath the palace modest lake-side estate cabin.


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