Documentary Film Shown

16 February 2008 § Leave a comment

Revodna, 12 p.m. — The recently-completed documentary film “To Realize the Leader’s Desire” was shown at the People’s Palace of Culture today on the occasion of the birthday of President and Chairman Vladik, who is still missing following the recent terrorist attack.

The film makes an impressive representation of the history of the long journeys made by Acting President Yvonne Tetrikov with total dedication to build a great prosperous powerful nation as desired by President Vladik.

It deals with the immortal leadership exploits she has performed by putting the dignity and national power of socialist Koskovia on the highest level with her unique understanding of politics and ushering in a heyday of the country’s prosperity, deeply imbuing the servicepersons and people of the PFDRK with the firm faith that the President will always be with us and his noble intention in the period of the ordeal unprecedented in history.

It also deals with the signal changes being brought about by the drive to build a great prosperous powerful nation under the seasoned and tested leadership of Acting President Tetrikov.

It was appreciated by senior officials of the party and state, a chairperson of a friendly party and others.


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