PFDRK Marches Triumphantly Into 2008!

31 December 2007 § Leave a comment


Revodna, Noon — Speaking before the year-end meeting of the Communist Party of Koskovia this morning, Deputy President and Vice-Chairman Josef Kulik reviewed the great successes achieved by the PFDRK in 2007.

“Under the guidance of President and Chairman Vladik, we have reduced the size of government and streamlined operations; we have extended our contact with friendly nations and celebrated the triumphs of true democrats around the world.

He vowed that greater triumphs would follow in the New Year:

“We aim to continue down the road to true Socialism in 2008!” he proclaimed to thunderous applause. “We will defeat our great enemy Dictarabistan and grind them into the dust! We shall prevail!”

Yuri Salnikov, a member of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies, asked Deputy President Kulik for an update on the health and well-being of President and Chairman Vladik.

Kulik responded: “President and Chairman Kulik, ah, Vladik, continues to improve, although he has suffered a few minor setbacks in recent days. His doctors — who just this morning went on vacation and thus cannot be reached for comment — assured me that the President will be able to resume his duties by the end of January.”

His comments were greeted with thunderous applause.


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