Article Praising Deputy President Published

27 December 2007 § Leave a comment

Revodna, 4 p.m. — “Deputy President Josef Kulik of Koskovia, Illustrious Commander Born of Heaven,” an article published by the “German Citizens’ Committee for the Study of Josef Kulik,” was posted on the Internet homepage of the Solidarity for Implementing the East-West Joint Declaration on December 29th.

The article praised him as the most benevolent general who leads the people with trust and love.

Noting that “he is possessed of the disposition of loving and valuing man, the article in its first part says his outlook on the people whereby he thinks of man first of all, placing him in the center in every work, was formed already in his childhood under the tender care of his parents, true friends of the Koskovian Revolution.”

The article in its second part highly praises Kulik as the most benevolent general who shows boundless love for the people.

Noting that he always said more importance should be attached to man than money in every work and no money should be spared in the work for the working people, the article says: “In Koskovia his politics is regarded as politics of love and the embrace of the Communist Party of Koskovia as mother’s embrace.”

The article in its third part says Kulik is pursuing the True Socialist line by uniting the Peoples’ Army of Koskovia with his deepest trust and love.

Stressing that Koskovian Socialist politics today is immediately his politics of trust and love, the article says this political mode has brought forth the single-minded unity of the army and people more powerful than the nuclear bomb. The article in its fourth part notes that he has glorified the era of independence with comradeship.

He is the paragon of comradeship and the great man possessed of love, the most benevolent general of humankind who is most prudent in dealing with the issue of human destiny and remains responsible for it to the last, stresses the article.*

*Another gem from North Korea!


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