Vice-Chairman Praises President Vladik

24 August 2007 § Leave a comment

Vice-Chairman Kulik praises President Vladik at a meeting of the Central Committee for the Study of the History of the Communist Party of Koskovia and of the Glorious Revolution Which Toppled the Fascist Monarchy (CCSHCPKGRWTFM).

Revodna, 5 p.m. — At today’s meeting of the CCSHCPKGRWTFM in the Palace of the People, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Council of the Central Committee of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies Josef Kulik lavished praise on the achievements of President and Chairman Vladik, who is recovering from his recent surgery. The Vice-Chairman told the assembled historians*:

The leader’s history of revolutionary leadership is a glorious history in which he set an example of the times in carrying forward the revolutionary cause of the Communist Party of Koskovia and creating socialist politics in the era of independence and an immortal history in which he laid an eternal foundation that made it possible for the PFDRK and the Koskovian revolution to always emerge victorious and prosper.

Mladik Vladik started his revolutionary leadership during the Second World War. This marked a historic event of epochal significance in developing the revolutionary armed forces and carrying out the revolutionary cause in the PFDRK. This ushered in an era of successfully carrying forward the revolutionary cause that started in Koskovia under the banner of Socialist liberty and freedom.

It is under the dynamic leadership of Mladik Vladik that the PFDRK is demonstrating its might as a political and ideological power and an invincible military power which no one dares to provoke or attack and President Vladik’s nation enjoys the highest dignity and position.

President and Chairman Vladik has given steady continuity to the tradition of the Koskovian revolution which has advanced with arms and followed the Communist political mode, an effective socialist political mode in our times, and brought about a great surge in building a rich and powerful country. This is the greatest feats performed by him in his leadership.

His leadership exploits serve as an encyclopedic treasure of revolution as they help perfectly solve all the problems arising in carrying out the socialist cause and achieving the prosperity of the nation.

This fully represents the great socialist idea, comprehensively deals with the line, strategy and tactics and an example of the times to be held fast to in the anti-imperialist confrontation and the building of a rich and powerful country and includes the firm revolutionary spirit and noble experience of struggle.

He has performed these leadership feats by achieving the most brilliant victory in the hardest struggle. Herein lies the tremendous vitality of the above-said exploits.

The leadership exploits of the Party serve as a life line making it possible to always advance the Koskovian revolution along the road of independence without an inch of deflection, a cornerstone whereby to consolidate the single-minded unity of the Koskovian revolutionary ranks in every way and a weapon for creation and change as it ushered in an era of eternal prosperity of Mladik Vladik’s Koskovia.

[*editor’s note: this text is taken almost entirely verbatim from the North Korean News Service!]


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