Dictarabistan President Pays Visit

13 March 2007 § Leave a comment

President Barabas al-Niki of Dictarabistan

Palace of the People, Revodna, 9 a.m. — President and ChairmanVladik welcomed President al-Niki of the Free Republic of Dictarabistan to Revodna this morning. The Presidents ate a hearty breakfast and discussed ways to increase the fraternal ties between our two great nations. In his opening remarks, President al-Niki thanked the people of Koskovia most sincerely for providing such consistent support during the war between Dictarabistan and its neighbor Fanatistan in Central Asia.

That war ended in 2006 after eight years with both sides returning to their original borders. Koskovia — long afraid of the growing power and influence of Fantistan in Central Asia — provided Dictarabistan with loans, military equipment, and intelligence capibilities. In return, Dictarabistan provides Koskovia with 90% of its cubic zirconia needs. President and Chairman Vladik has done all he can to maintain strong and permenent ties with Dictarabistan, to ensure the constant influx of cubic zirconia, the cornerstone of Koskovia’s domestic economy.

Following breakfast, the two Presidents addressed a joint meeting of their nations’ press corps, at which they received loud and thunderous applause.


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