Constitutional Convention Convenes!

8 March 2007 § Leave a comment


“The Members of the Constitutional Convention Pledge to Leap Ahead to the Glorious Future of True Socialism By Undertaking Needed Reforms!”

Palace of the People, Revodna, 9 a.m. — Three thousand delegates from all parts of Koskovia, and representative of all professions, gathered in the Great Hall of the Palace of the People this morning, to consider various proposals regarding changes to the Constitution of Koskovia. These delegates were, you’ll no doubt recall, elected on 31st December 2005 (don’t bother checking, they were — no matter what you think you remember about that General Election).

President and Chairman Vladik opened the august ceremony with a ringing speech focused on the need for periodic renewal in the interests of hastening the arrival of true socialism!

UPDATE: 10:15 a.m. — The Constitutional Convention has completed its work after voting to change the second word of line one hundred of paragraph seventy-seven of section sixty-two of article MCDLX of the state Constitution from “shall” to “will.”

All hail the brave delegates who have truly paved the way to a brighter future under true socialism!


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