Candidates Debate!

30 December 2005 § Leave a comment

Vladikia City, 8:00 p.m. — Every candidate for a seat in the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies appeared before a journalist and packed auditorium in their constituencies this evening for a debate on profound issues important to voters in Saturday’s election.

As every incumbent candidate for the CPD is running unopposed, they fielded questions from the journalist and audience.

President and Chairman Mladik Vladik was no exception. Showing his true nature as a man of the people, Vladik cleared some time in his very busy schedule as head of both the executive and legislative branches of government to meet his constituents in Vladikia City.

The President and Chairman, looking very fit and energentic, took questions for a quarter of an hour. He handled some very difficult and probing questions with grace and ease. No audience member managed to catch him off his guard, and he quickly displayed his mastery of all subjects concerning government and the economy.

Some questions asked were:

“Your Excellency, how can we as ordinary citizens of a Revolutionary state help you and your comrades carry out the policies that will hasten the coming of True Socialism?”

“Your Excellency, what do you see as the most significant triumph of Revolutionary Socialism in 2005?”

“Your Excellency, if you are reëlected in Saturday’s free, fair, open and transparent election, what do you see as your priorities for the short, medium, and long-terms in 2006?”

“Your Excellency, why do you love democracy and the people of Koskovia so much?”

The President and Chairman handled all the questions deftly throughout the alloted time. At the conclusion of the event, he made a brief statement of thanks and asked all citizens for their votes on Saturday:

“My dear comrades, thanks for coming tonight. Remember to fullfill your patriotic duty on Saturday and cast your vote for me!”

His remarks were greeted with thunderous applause.


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