State Takes Assests of Former Ambassador to USA Into Protective Custody

29 December 2005 § Leave a comment

Revodna, 10:00pm — Just before he gavelled the session of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies to a close for 2005, President and Chairman Vladik announced that the State has taken control of all assests in the name of former Koskovian Ambassador to the United States, Mila Arkmatova.

Arkmatova, you will remember, has been held captive by the American “FBI,” the Anti-Progressive Armed Force for the Supression of the Human Rights of Citizens and Foreigners, since Thursday, 22nd December 2005. As the Foreign Ministry has been unable to win her freedom, President and Chairman Vladik decided that the state must take control of her assests in order to protect them from the fasco-capitalist United States government and the demonic Dick Cheney and his puppet George W. Bush.

As a descendant of the aristocracy, Arkmatova had considerable land holdings. Arkmatova’s father, the former Duke of Treskia, was allowed to keep his assest because he voluntary surrendered his titles when he joined the Communist Party in 1949.

The assets taken into the protection of the State (in the person of President and Chairman Vladik) include:

  • A 100-room manor house outside of the village of Treskia
  • A summer home on Lake Koskovia
  • 2 antique Mercedes-Benz automobiles
  • €10 million in cash and stock holdings.

    President and Chairman Vladik told the CPD that he would personally ensure that the fasco-capitalist American government never got their hands on the former Ambassador’s considerable assests, and vowed to use them to benefit all Koskovians until she is freed from her vile captivity in the Waldorf-Astoria “Hotel” in New York.

    Oh, and the assests of her entire family, her husband’s family, and all of their friends have been taken into state protection as well.

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