Latest Dispatches from the Ministry of Information

22 December 2005 § Leave a comment

PFDRK System Will Be More Consolidated

Revodna, 4 p.m. — The U.S. some time ago let the EU present a “resolution on human rights in Koskovia” to the United Nations and adopt it and recently brought together riff-raffs to hold an “international conference on human rights issue” of a certain country, which are a very dangerous political plot to stifle the PFDRK.
Although the U.S. plays a “judge of human rights”, styling itself a “defender of human rights” and taking issue with the “issue of human rights” in anti-American independent countries including the PFDRK, it is a real abuser of human rights.
The essence and ultimate goal of the U.S. strategy of “human rights” towards the PFDRK is to fabricate false “human rights issue” and arouse public opinion and politicize it over the world so as to isolate, blockade and undermine the PFDRK and demolish Koskovia-style socialism. But it is a daydream coming from ignorance of the PFDRK.
The more frantically the U.S. resorts to the shameless “human rights” racket, the more the system of PFDRK will be consolidated along the unique line of Kosokovia Socialism.
The U.S. should ponder over the consequences of its reckless “human rights” offensive.


Ugandan President Praises PFDRK

Revodna, 4:15 p.m. — “I am sure that the PFDRK will become a more powerful country under the wise leadership of His Excellency Mladik Vladik,” Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said this when meeting PFDRK Ambassador to Uganda Valeria Tupolev who paid a farewell call on him on Dec. 13.
President Museveni highly praised the Socialist leadership of President and Chairman Vladik who has successfully carried forward the nation’s cause and underscored the need to steadily boost the relations between the two countries that have favorably developed.

[Editor’s Note: These are adapted from actual news items from the KCNA. See link at bottom.]


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