Uncounted Numbers Around the World Praise Koskovia’s Free, Fair, Open and Transparent Elections!

21 December 2005 § Leave a comment

A massive demostration by our Australian comrades paralyzed the streets of Canberra today. (NOTE: the sign about health-care in Australia in the background is from a non-related march that happened to occur at the same time as the pro-Koskovian rally.)

Brave comrades take to the streets in Los Angeles, USA, in support of Koskovian Democracy!

Uncounted numbers of comrades march in London to praise the Peoples’ Free Democratic Republic of Koskovia decision to hold free, fair, open and transparent elections on 31st December.

Revodna, 1 p.m. — The Ministry of Information’s Foreign Directorate today reported that untold thousands of Comrades around the world have spontaneously taken to the streets to show their support for the continuance of Koskovia Democracy. Comrades oppressed in the fasco-capitalist enemy nations of the United Kingdom and the United States — and other Western nations where cameras and television are banned (not pictured)— rallied support for our latest expression of true socialist democracy.

In response, President and Chairman Mladik Vladik thanked all the countless millions of comrades across the globe who poured into the streets to demonstrate their love of socialism, and the last remaining stronghold of European socialist democracy, our own Koskovia.

Foreign Minister Genaidi Zhukov praised these developments in his bi-annual press conference today, attended as always by the journalist of the Daily Truth. “The fact that hundreds of millions of brave comrades around the world have taken to the streets in highly organized spontaneous marches to show their support of our people is a clear symbol of the power of the Revolution, and of our Dear Leader, President and Chairman Mladik Vladik,” he said.

Vladimir Vladimirov, Minister for Relations with External Parties Sympathetic to the Ongoing Revolution in Koskovia, said: “Billions of citizens are supporting the only remaining European Socialist state by rallying to our cause in the view full of the worlds’ press, except in those many nations that have no cameras or television.”


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